Jul 17
The Frenzy To Delete Unnatural Links From Web Directories

An Undiscovered Problem With Web Directories

The past few months have spawned a frenzy with site owners and webmasters to clean up their acts after Google sent thousands of warnings to “look for possibly artificial or unnatural links.” This has even spawned a new business for the SEO industry of link removal services. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 18
Stop Those Random Gibberish Emails

I have to admit that this one puzzled me for a while. It’s not your normal spam email advertising the cheapest prices for their fake products or other attempts to separate unwary users from their money.
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May 30
Is Spam Being Sent From Your Yahoo Email?

yahoo emailA friend of mine sent me a link the other day that said, “wow this is pretty crazy.” I already anticipated that is was going to be one of those fake websites… such as some work at home scheme or a cheap pharmacy site. I normally use the FireFox browser and these types of websites never affected me before. I thought I was safe from their malware.
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Apr 4
Avoiding Penalties with Web Stores

I ran into a question posted by another webmaster wondering why two of his web stores were banned by Google. These websites were running fine for at least one year. And another two of his stores remain indexed. Looking over his websites left me guessing as to the exact reason why Google removed them from their index.
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Mar 9
Is Google Infected With Malware ?
Google Threat 1

Google Malware Threat Detected #1

Who’s Watching the Watchdogs?

Has google.com become infected with malware itself? The same huge corporation that has taken it upon itself to preside over all matters to cleanse the internet of this trash. The same power that decides which websites are safe to view and which sites are not.
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Feb 24
Google Is Reported To Be An Attack Site
FireFox's warning page

FireFox's warning page

The review process is broke and we want our websites back.

Seems Google is no better than the hackers who go from website to website adding their iframes to your pages in order perform their dirty deeds.

I was contacted last week to clean one such site that fell victim to one of these iframe injection attacks. And as expected, I found this site had one of those scary “Reported Attack Site” warning pages blocking entry to the infected website.

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